Kal Keigher

Executive Vice President of operations and General Manager

Kal Keigher

Executive Vice President of operations and General Manager


Meet Kal Keigher, the Executive Vice President of Operations and General Manager at Get A Better Mortgage, one of Canada’s leading mortgage brokerages. With over 200 agents and offices spread across the country, Kal stands at the helm, steering the day-to-day operations with a steady hand and an innovative mindset.

Under Kal’s operational leadership, Get A Better Mortgage thrives on a foundation of operational excellence and unmatched client service. His primary focus is to support and empower the brokerage’s extensive team of agents, ensuring they have the tools, technology, and training they need to succeed in the ever-evolving mortgage landscape.

Kal is deeply involved in the technological advancement of the brokerage, championing the integration of cutting-edge tools that enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and improve the overall client experience. His foresight in adopting and leveraging technology positions Get A Better Mortgage at the forefront of the industry, ready to meet the demands of today’s tech-savvy clients.

A strong believer in continuous learning and development, Kal leads regular training calls that are not just informative but transformative. These sessions are designed to keep the team updated on the latest market trends, lending practices, and regulatory changes, ensuring that every agent is equipped to offer the best possible advice and solutions to their clients.

Kal also spearheads the agent escalation support system, a testament to his commitment to both client satisfaction and agent success. This initiative provides agents with direct access to escalated support, allowing them to swiftly address complex issues or challenges they encounter. Kal’s hands-on approach in this area underscores his dedication to fostering a supportive, responsive, and collaborative working environment.

With a passion for excellence and a heart for mentorship, Kal Keigher exemplifies leadership that is both impactful and inspiring. Under his guidance, Get A Better Mortgage continues to grow, innovate, and lead, ensuring that both clients and agents achieve their goals and dreams.



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