Vince Bertucci

Position: Mortgage Broker
Phone: 416-587-6411
Licence No.: M08001554

Vince has been in the banking industry since early 2000 and has acquired a vast knowledge base given the experience attained working for a chartered bank.  After working in a retail branch for several years, the idea of specializing in one sector was becoming more appealing. It was at this point that a client working for a National Mortgage Brokerage offered him an opportunity to enter the Mortgage Broker role.


After many years of practising as a mortgage agent, Vince decided to Complete the Seneca College mortgage financing program which allowed him to attain the status of  Mortgage Broker. Vince continued brokering for 10 years with the same National Brokerage and was part of the Top 5 National Team.


Vince and his closing specialist ensure that every deal closes in a timely manner and that client communication is fundamental to every transaction.


As of January 2015, Vince proudly joined the  The Mortgage Centre – Get A Better Mortgage team -and continues to offer the services of mortgage brokering.